Unforgettable Places in Dalaman, Turkey


When one thinks of the beautiful South Western coast of Turkey, the utopian image of white sand beaches, crystal clear oceans and breath-taking views upon lush green, untouched hillsides, definitely spring to mind. The Lycian Coast of Turkey has so much to offer, from serene coves, with their unexplored caves to mud baths and fantastic outdoor adventures.

So, if you are planning on taking some time off from the hustle and bustle of the busy world, hop onto a cheap flythomascook flight straight to Dalaman, where you will soon discover that this quaint district has so much to offer. Here are a few places and activities that you should definitely not miss when visiting Dalaman.

Sarsala Cove

If a beach vacation is your sort of thing, then the Sarsala Cove is the place for you. Some 16 kilometres from the Dalaman Airport, the roads may be slow and winding, but the views along the way are definitely worth it. With a beautiful ocean in one direction, and hillsides dense with pine in the other, your camera will be working overtime. Once you reach the beach, you’ll feel like you have just discovered paradise. There are endless activities for the entire family, both in the water and out. After you’ve tired yourself out, take a rest at the reasonably priced snack bar, just be sure to try the home made köfte half bread.

Visit Santa Claus in Myra

You may be a tad surprised by this one, surely if you want to visit Santa, the North Pole would be the place to go, although, you would be wrong. The one and only St. Nicholas was in actual fact the bishop of Myra, dressing in a red costume and red hat, dropping gifts down the chimneys of poor people’s homes, making it possible for their daughters to provide a dowry upon marriage.

The ancient town of Myra is rife with history, making it a must see place for anyone who is interested in the past. With its magnificently constructed rock-cut tombs, carved into the vertical faces of cliffs, as well as the beautiful stone theatre, the sheer architectural genius will have you hooked.

Mud Baths

The internationally renowned mud baths of Dalyan have people flocking to Dalaman from all over the world. If you have never experienced a mud bath before, then you are in for a treat. Relax in the sulphur-rich baths, and experience the strange feeling of the dried mud cracking off your body. Afterwards, take a dip in the waters that are rumoured to give relief from many skin conditions and aching muscles. People even say that after their experience at the mud baths, they are left looking younger.


These are just mere highlights of what Turkey has to offer. Turkey is a veritable ice-berg of culture, history and music, where you will only see the surface unless you delve deeper into the buildings, monuments, markets and experience Turkey to its full exotic glory.


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