Uncovering Europe’s Treasures In Style And Supreme Comfort



In your leaner days after graduating college, you gallivanted around the world with your friends, eager to discover the cultures, natural wonders, and hidden surprises that it had to offer. You didn’t have much to work with, but you made it work, bunking up in crowded, grimy hostels, enduring 12+ hour rides in chicken buses with nonexistent shocks, and substituting showers with baby wipes because many of the places you ventured viewed things like running water as a “luxury”.

Decades have passed since those days, and while you have built a life that has been successful from a material point of view, your hunger for adventure has not been extinguished as a result of this. You still long to set foot on all those lands you missed as a result of the difficult choices that all us world travelers have to make in our prior journeys. The globe is a big place, but our time always seems to be limited, doesn’t it?

With a comfortable nest egg accumulated at present, you finally feel comfortable enough to let up on your life’s work to take to the trail again. This time though, things will be different. This time, it will be better, as now you have not only the knowledge that has come from previous trips under your belt, but you now have the financial wherewithal to bypass the discomforts that inescapably come with budget travel.

This summer, you’ll be cruising the waters of the Mediterranean this in search of ancient Roman and Greek era ruins, hidden beaches on one of many innumerable isles that call this legendary body of water home, and strolls through cities that lead the world in style, cuisine, and a way of life that is unmatched and coveted by most people anywhere else. A little puzzled of what to prioritize when selecting an itinerary? Check out a few suggestions that we personally recommend …

1) Ruins of Pompeii, Italy – With only a short amount of time to see the absolute top highlights of Italy like the Roman Colosseum in Rome, you didn’t come close to doing this stunning country justice last time you were here. Pompeii was a bustling Roman city when Mount Vesuvius blew its top in one of its biggest eruptions in 79 AD, encasing the entire urban area in ash in mere minutes.  Things were frozen as they were thousands of years prior when it was uncovered a couple of centuries ago, making this place a definite must see this time around.

2) Navagio Beach, Zante, Greece – Being home to many enchanting beaches, Zante saves its absolute best gem in its mostly cliff fringed northwest coast, where a perfect white sand beach occupies a small cove carved into impenetrable hunks of limestone. A rusted out hulk of a grounded smuggler’s ship is the perfect decor piece for this timeless place, giving Navagio its nickname, Shipwreck Beach.

3) Venice, Italy – With seafood that is among the best in Italy, and canals that are the dream of almost every lover of romance, Venice is a city that should a lock on your cruise itinerary.  Anthony Bourdain visited a place in the nieghbourhood of Burano called Trattoria de Romano that perpares what is said to be the best fish risotto in the world, and proclaimed it an insitution that nobody should miss.  Countless reviewers echo his sentiment, and when you pair a meal here with a classic ride through the cncals of Venice with a romantic gondolier piloting your boat, it becomes an experience well worth the time spent enduring the crowds of other tourists.

While you could scrimp and save like you used to, why would you? You’ve worked hard your entire life to achieve a standard of living that most can only dream about, so why deny yourself this privilege? You’ve earned it, so claim the trip of a lifetime you and your loved one so richly deserve!

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  1. Philippe Kjellgren August 4, 2014 at 11:30 pm #

    So many treasures but a good start. Lots of countries left to cover!

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