Why Travel Insurance Is Essential When Travelling To New Zealand


Every year, millions of people travel abroad for their dream holiday, but a large proportion of these vacationers aren’t covered for personal injury or illness by paid-for insurance. Although travel companies now insist that holidaymakers are covered by insurance before they jet off, thousands of people every year still go abroad without any cover. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but it can also cost you a hefty sum of money on your return to the UK, and we’re talking thousands of pounds!

According to industry sources and statistics, up to 20 per cent of holidaymakers travel without personal insurance, which translates to over 12 million people. So what are these travellers up to? Are they knowingly running the risk of paying out large personal injury costs, or are they just making a sensible decision? If you’re thinking of visiting New Zealand this year, don’t spoil your holiday by not covering you and your family.

The Law

Worryingly, there is no law regarding the purchase of travel insurance, but holiday companies in New Zealand continue to remain diligent about travellers that refuse to take out a policy. They claim that not only is it foolish to travel without any financial protection against injury, but the law should be changed to protect those who fail to protect themselves.

If you did have an accident in New Zealand and didn’t have any insurance, who would you call to cover the costs of your medical bills? These bills can be thousands of pounds, and in some places the treatment doesn’t even cover the cost of transportation. This means that you may have to charter a specially designed aeroplane to cater for your injured state, potentially spiralling your costs out of control.

The Fear Factor

Paid-for travel insurance, such as those offered by top providers and even some banks, meet all of a traveller’s medical costs (up to the amount stated), and it’s this security that insurers promote with holidaymakers. All-inclusive holiday packages to New Zealand are set to be extremely popular in 2014, and insurers are advertising the same sort of deal with their medical policies. In the USA for example, medical bills can run up to $1m plus, so the last thing you want to do is break a leg, an arm or even worse.

Although the odds of you having to claim on your travel insurance are low, New Zealand is full of mountainous regions, and you could easily fall or twist your ankle while experiencing the Tongariro Northern Circuit or the Whanganui Journey. However, if the odds are so low, as well as the actual cost of the policy too, what’s the point in getting one? Well according to travel insurers, low odds don’t mean invincibility, and that holidaymakers to New Zealand should invest in a policy (for as little as £20 in some cases) to cover their backs just in case.

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