Top Sydney Experiences You’ll Love


Taking a trip to Sydney is probably a once in a lifetime experience for most of us anyway, but how do you make it more than just a trip? Below are some of the top experiences that you should be doing when visiting Sydney, from sailing to racing, sharks to seaplanes, Sydney is a city of versatility and they’ll always be something to do that interests you. It’s not just the beaches that are beautiful, but all the other activities that come with them!

Sydney Harbour

Stunning on its own, Sydney Harbour is a perfect day out. But if you’re looking for more than just sights and scenery, then have a go at Tall Ship sailing. Pretend to be on the First Fleet, travelling across from England to Australia, great for the kids and for grown-ups too. You can look forward to two-hour BBQ sessions, where you can gorge yourselves on delicious meat and other delicacies.
Another amazing experience can be had on this boat too; why not try a Twilight Dinner Cruise? Watch the sun set as you dine on the deck, and even join in with helping out on deck. Of course, if manual labour isn’t your kind of thing, then you can simply enjoy your meal and watch the stars above the water of the Circular Quay.


If you’re looking for something a little more risky and a little more exciting, then why not try V8 Supercar Racing at the Mount Panorama Track? You’ll have a fun-filled and adrenalin-filled experience, where a professional racing car driving will whizz you around at full throttle. Once you’ve had enough training by the skilled drivers, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade.


If four wheels aren’t your thing and you want to soar like a bird, or at least float like one, then take a trip on a Sydney Seaplane. You’ll fly over Sydney Harbour, taking in the beauty of the Quays and all that surrounds them. Beginning at Rose Bay, you’ll take flight over the coastlines and beaches of Sydney. You can even use the seaplanes to get you to remote and quaint locations, where you can dine and sleep in peace. One step at a time though, and you may want to search online for cheap flights to Sydney first.


Take a trip to the Taronga Zoo, where you can experience ‘Roar and Snore’; this is where you are transported on a safari throughout the city, and then can sleep with the animals at night! Your home for the evening will be a top of the range tent in a beautiful camp, where you’ll have amazing views of the harbour and Sydney’s stunning skyline. You’ll be given a guided tour of the zoo, all of which happens at night, so you can see the animals when they’re at their most boisterous and active. Not only will you be able to look at the animals, you can also have some hands on experience too. Why not try feeding a giraffe or playing with the seals?


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