Top Eateries in Paris, France


Paris has plenty of brilliant restaurants you can visit and not necessarily spend a fortune on some great Parisian food. If you have plans to head out to eat in some of the restaurants on this list, it is always wise to call ahead of time and book a reservation. Also remember that if you are unable to make it on the date you reserved, you should be prepared to cancel your table booking. Here is a list to some of the top eateries in the city.

A La Biche au Bois

Only two blocks away from the Gare de Lyon train station meaning that it is relatively easy to find, A La Biche au Bois is not the fanciest restaurant in the city but it serves up some delicious food and has a fantastic atmosphere. For the starter, you can try and work your way through the enormous portions of the salade Perigordine, which is topped with chunks of foie gras.

For your main course, try one of the dishes from the fixed menu before you enjoy the cheese course for desert, which is one of the highlights of the restaurant. Some of the game dishes are available based on the seasons so don’t be surprised if you are unable to order some meats off the menu.

Also important is that A La Biche au Bois is closed on the weekends, so you will have to book your table for a weekday. You may also want to bear this in mind if you’re planning a weekend getaway, though there are advantages to traveling in the week like cheaper flights, which you can see more of at

A La Petite Chaise

The oldest restaurant in Paris, the A La Petite Chaise has a host of waiters and waitresses dressed up in some very classic attire. The cuisine in the restaurant is perfectly correct and does not vary from the original recipe, so for those looking for a different take to their favourite dishes, A La Pettie Chaise is not the place. Opening times of the restaurant go from Monday to Saturday, but closed every Sunday.


This bistro is well visited by the local Parisians and now tourists are starting to visit more regularly thanks to the quality food on offer. Astier opens every day and night of the week and has very reasonably fixed menu prices while you are also presented with a delicious cheese board after you have eaten, meaning you will never leave the restaurant hungry.


A slightly more upscale establishment in the city, Bellota-Bellota is a tapas-styled bar that some locals claim is better than what you might find in Spain. There are some superb hams on the menu made from wild acorn fed pigs and you will be certain to find numerous dishes that you will fall in love with. Once you have finished in Bellota-Bellota, take a short walk down the street to Secco bakery for some desert, the almond scented financier is one of the most popular treats.

Bistrot Paul Bert

While this restaurant is no longer a secret to many of those who visit the city, Bistrot Paul Bert still gets great reviews for its good wine list and tasty versions of classic French bistro dishes. There are reasonably priced three course menus on the blackboards, while the desserts are superb and rank up with some of the best patisseries in Paris.

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