Three Seaside Villas To Die For


For practical purposes and those of aesthetics, humans have long been drawn to the ocean. The seemingly infinite nature of this force of nature has cause most folks to stare off longingly into the distance, with its simple yet powerful disposition providing some of the cheapest therapy there is out there today.

While many only get to visit this magnificent place sporadically, as the responsibilities and obligations of life exact their demands on the schedules of most, the mobile nature of work today and your financial flexibility allows you the luxury of spending time in a seaside villa whenever you feel the need to do so.

While spending time at a beach house or villa locally is certainly an option, you have the time and money available that allows you to inhabit the choicest places on Earth, so don’t hold back … spoil yourself! The following three seaside villas will cast their spell over you from the moment you arrive, so don’t be surprised when you head back for repeat visits to your new favorite corner of the world…!

1) Sentosa Villas, Bali, Indonesia

In terms of exotic culture, hot tropical weather, amazing food, and amiable locals, few places beat Bali for all around excellence. While the streets of Kuta can be chaotic at times, the wealthier enclave of Seminyak is much more ordered, and has a wide variety of delectable restaurants, beach clubs, and beachfronts that are less crowded than in communities further down the coast.

At Sentosa Villas, breakfast is served poolside, a presidential suite with no less than five bedrooms will house your clan with ease, and those with physical mobility issues will have no issue getting around this expansive property, as the well-stocked and attentive staff will buzz you around to wherever you need to go on the resort!

2) Villa 11, Seychelles

With the possible exception of the Maldives or Bora Bora, there is no island chain in the world that is quite as beautiful as the Seychelles. Located off the coast of East Africa, the beaches of this island nation are pure white, the jungles lush with plant and animal life, along with ever-present outcroppings of granite rock completing the scene.

Villa 11 will match the high level of your physical surroundings with tonnes of room to stretch out in privacy. From the back deck with stunning views of Mahe and Praslin islands, to a well-equipped home entertainment system that will keep you entertained well after the sun has set. On days where you feel like socializing, a beach bar is within sauntering distance, and the technicolor reefs that garners the Seychelles its fair share of fame are but a short SCUBA dive or snorkel away.

3) Sea Horse Cottage, Greece

Greece contains plenty of appeal for the well-heeled individual looking for a break from the stresses of their situation at home, from starkly beautiful sea cliffs, to archaeological sites that will be cause for you to ponder the lives of our brethren of milennias gone by.

If the summer sun and blissful winter mildness of Greece is calling out to you, then spending a regular amount of time at the Sea Horse Cottage will be well worth your while. With accommodation that is less shabby than its name would suggest, this villa embraces simplicity, allowing the surrounding coastal scenery to do all the talking.

Satellite TV will allow you to occupy your time when darkness has settled upon the land, but you’ll likely be too occupied consuming fine Greek wine and reconnecting with your family and friends to care about reminders of the fractious outside world that we endure on a daily basis back home.

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