The best of luxury in the Big Easy

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As the summer holiday season in America approaches, your plans might include a visit to New Orleans. One of the USA’s most historic cities, it is a must for any traveler looking to discover one of the many segments of the unique culture that this nation possesses.

This article will inform you on the best of luxury in the Big Easy: after all, for a person of means, one ought to do a world class destination in the most robust fashion possible, yes? Let’s begin with a truly inspired hotel

STAY: Omni Royal Orleans

Considered by many to be the classiest luxury hotel in the Big Easy, the Omni Royal Orleans should be your first choice for a home base during your stay in New Orleans. While the footprint of this hotel is a bit on the small side (typical for older establishments), it is more than made up for by high service levels and room design that makes the most of the cozy floor plan that the Omni possesses.

With a location smack in the center of the French Quarter, most attractions will be within a leisurely walk, making this place perfect for those that don’t want to spend significant portions of their holiday in traffic.

DO: Riverboat cruises and plantation tours

While most of the usual tourist attractions that appeal to the masses will also make sense for you to visit as well (St. Louis Cathedral, colonial architecture and elaborate cemeteries, etc), those looking to splurge on something special will want to block off time for either a riverboat cruise or a plantation tour (or both, if you have the time).

The former boasts plenty of old time New Orleans style jazz bands and the best in Cajun cuisine as you lazily ply your way down the Mississippi River, while the latter allows you to explore the palatial manors of the families that were the first to harness the deep agricultural potential of the Louisianan lowlands, and became obscenely wealthy as a result.

DINE: Antoine’s

Reputed to be one of the oldest restaurants in the USA to be continuously owned by the members of a single family, Antoine’s has succeeded in the monumental task of upholding its reputation of being home to some of the finest food in New Orleans since 1840.

It was here where the dish known as Oysters Rockefeller was created in the 1890’s, and its wine cellar is still the envy of any restauranteur in town, due to its exclusive, vast selection, and the atmosphere of the room itself.

While the aforementioned dish is certainly recommended, new creations are worked into the menu on a regular basis, so be sure to ask your server for their favorite items at the present moment.

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