The Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The hotel industry is really growing. Many tourists and even local residents are constantly looking for hotels where they can spend some days in. Picking a hotel is not easy but there are some hotels that stand out from the rest. Whenever you are in Buenos Aires and you want a place to stay, do not hesitate to book a room at Alvear Palace hotel.

Customer satisfaction is its number one goal. There are different amenities that are available in the hotel. This luxurious hotel is the ideal stop for anyone who loves comfort and wants to make their stay in the region pleasant and worth remembering. Its interior décor is just as beautiful as the outside. The interior lighting creates a mood that warms up the place.

There are two charming restaurants that are well furnished. The La Bourgogne restaurant is an ideal place for anyone who is into French specialties. If you have never had the chance to have a bite of French delicacies this place will give you the perfect dining experience. L’Orangeries which is the other restaurant serves international buffet lunch. Professional chefs are responsible for cooking food in the restaurants and visitors are guaranteed to enjoy the dishes offered.

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool that is in operation all year round. It offers a perfect spot for relaxation and also having some fun activities. The pool is regularly cleaned and is constantly monitored so as to ensure the safety of the visitors.

There is a modern fitness centre for people who love to workout. The gym is fully loaded with equipment that is appropriate for any form of workout. Whether one is a body builder or a regular gym goer, there are multiple facilities that will help one to maintain their regular gym regime and will fit into a person’s workout schedule perfectly.

Wi-Fi has been the number one consideration for some people before booking a room. Some hotels charge high fees for internet usage. The hotel is fully aware of the need for the internet especially for businessmen and even regular visitors who want to keep up with what is happening. That is why they offer free Wi-Fi, which is accessible everywhere in the hotel meaning that one’s mobility and location of usage will not be restricted.

The hotel also has a sauna, spa, room and massage services and a Turkish bath/steam that visitors are free to enjoy. By picking Alvear Palace hotel you are assured to get value for money. The experience and comfort is worth every penny.

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