Southeast Asia’s most stunning resorts

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When it comes to getting away from the harsh realities of everyday life, no region does a better job of helping one forget about them than the nations of Southeast Asia.

With some of the world’s finest beaches, most flavorful food, and friendliest people, it has made many a person shred their return ticket into pieces after a few days of experiencing the local hospitality.

If you are prepared to take that risk, here are some of Southeast Asia’s most stunning resorts that will make your stay the life-changing experience that it ought to be…

1) Song Saa, Cambodia

For much of the latter half of the 20th century, Cambodia was sadly associated with the darker aspects of human nature rather than for its generous people and lush natural environment.

However, decades have passed since those days, and in time between, intrepid travelers exploring its southwest coast found paradise islands that harkened back to a time when Thailand’s gems were completely unspoiled.

Working with the locals, one of these blissful isles was made into Song Saa Resort, a getaway from the stresses of life that is getting harder to find in this day and age.

Stretched over two islets, overwater bungalows, a fine restaurant that emphasizes regional catches, and nature trails that allow you to explore this area’s flora and fauna will help you to get the rest and relaxation that you so richly deserve.

2) Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Craving a holiday in Thailand without having to bother with the overdeveloped islands of the south? Head to the unheralded isle of Koh Kood, where the delightfully luxurious surroundings of Soneva Kiri will make you wonder why this place isn’t crawling with fellow visitors already.

With your arrival to the property being done via speedboat, you’ll feel like the central characters in a Bond film from the moment you arrive, and with plenty of physically challenging activities available (SCUBA diving, deep sea fishing, etc), you will feel every bit the superhero that 007 is in one of his movies.

3) Gaya Island Resort, Malaysian Borneo

The mere idea of staying at a resort in Borneo conjures up visions of exoticism, which is a feel that the staff at the Gaya Island Resort go to great lengths to promote.

Sitting off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, it is among a set of lush tropical islands that are part of Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, but with a shore facing view of one of South East Asia’s tallest mountains (Mount Kinabalu, at almost 4,100 metres), you will find it hard to head home after having glimpsed one of this region’s most powerful vistas.

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