Seeing Rio de Janeiro in style

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Plan on seeing Rio de Janeiro in style before the chaos of the Olympics descends upon the city next year? This post will help you get the most out of a city that is set to shine brightly in the international spotlight in barely more than a year from now…

Check out contemporary works of creation at Museu de Arte Contemporânea Niteroi

If checking out your destination’s art scene is one of the first things you do upon arrival in a new country, then make sure that the Museu de Arte Contemporâea Niteroi is at the top of your list.

Housed inside of one of the world’s best postmodern structure, the MAC features regular exhibits featuring the hottest new art from creatives in Brazil, Latin America, and from around the world. Don’t forget to check out the atmospheric reflecting pool before you leave.

Lay your head at Hotel Santa Teresa

Once part of a neighborhood given over to the many gangs that used to rule the favelas with impunity, Santa Teresa is a trendy area to live nowadays, and with Hotel Santa Teresa sitting at the centre of it all, there is no better place make your base in Rio than here.

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, people staying at this fabulous bolthole will have a commanding view over the city below, making for a perfect place to lounge, whether dining on the terrace, swimming in the pool, or enjoying a well-trained massage.

Dine and celebrity spot at Restaurante La Fiorentina

When you decide to dine out instead, be sure to book a table at Restaurante La Fiorentina, as it has become part of the scene for local socialites and celebrities for its amazing spin on Italian food. Both the pasta and the pizzas here are top-rate, and with no shortage of ice cold champagne and beer, it is a great place to start your evening if you have plans to take Rio by storm after dark.

Miss Carnival? Sample its atmosphere with a night out at Studio RJ

If you can’t make it down to Rio during Carnival time, be assured that locals save plenty of energy for nights out throughout the rest of the year as well. However, if you’d like a peek into what this time of year is like, plan at least part of night out at Studio RJ.

This recently opened bar features live performances by blocos, or the street bands that take centre stage during some of the biggest outdoor parties of the year in this city.

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