Riviera Maya For The Distinguished Traveler


This brutal winter played to your advantage, as it kept you indoors banging away at your business while your competition either wasted their time complaining about the cold, or hid away in some tropical location eschewing productivity for some escapist comfort for a week or two.

Now that spring has supposedly arrived, you now have accomplished a great deal of progress with relation to your organization, but the bloody weather is still positively frosty.  As such, you have decided to book Mexico Holidays for you and your family both as a reward for your hard work and the sacrifices that were made to make it happen, and as a way to make up for complete lack of spring weather that has sapped your energy in recent weeks.

However, not just any garden variety all-inclusive will do for you and your kin.  The following paragraphs will discuss options for the distinguished and discerning traveler so that your time in the world famous Riviera Maya will be well worth the expense in money and time.

Top Pick for Accommodations: IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraiso in Playa del Carmen

After fleeing the drab surrounds of lifeless brown grass, slowly melting white snow and disgusting slush that gets splattered around by countless cars on the streets of your city, you’ll want the first sight of your resort to blow your mind.  Upon arrival at the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraiso, a massive pool with a centrepiece fountain with a view of the beach and the aquamarine ocean will lower your blood pressure almost instantly, and after getting settling in your room, butlers and concierges stand ready to cater to your every whim (within reason, of course!)

Top Pick for Decadent Dining: Punta Bonita in Playa del Carmen

While basic Mexican cuisine can be found in most places like street stalls to the restaurants present in most resorts, you crave the cutting edge of the discipline.  To satisfy this urge, spend a long meal one evening at Punta Bonita, a resto dedicated to plating its latest modern Mexican creations. Many of its best bites are served tapas style, with our recommended must try dishes including duck confit tacos, shrimp empanadas, and cochinita pibil tamales.

Top Pick for Off-The-Beach Activities: Combing the Ruins of Tulum

While there are many things that you can do with your time when you aren’t recuperating from the wounds of winter, mixing a little culture into your holiday will allow you to get a sense of the place where you are enjoying warm sunshine and fruity drinks.  The most stunning Maya temple complex in the region is Tulum, which is located south of Playa del Carmen.  While it isn’t the largest remnant of this empire in the area, the placing of these ruins on a cliff above a white sand beach with impossibly baby-blue water will make it one of the most unforgettable experiences that you’ll have in this area.

The Riviera Maya: The Best Place to Bid Winter Adieu

While spring is just around the corner, it is still quite chilly in many places throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  If you spent the dark days of winter this year grinding hard, then let a trip of this nature be your just reward!     

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