High class lounges for a dignified night out in Metro Phoenix

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Being one of America’s favored spots for the mobile and well off to escape the worst of a northern winter, the largest city in the Southwest has enjoyed a prolonged surge of growth in recent decades. When the occasion calls for a night out in Metro Phoenix, what are best lounges to while away an evening in style? The following establishments are more than up to the task.

1) Mabel’s on Main

Located within the stylish confines of Scottsdale, Mabel’s on Main combines a prohibition era theme with simple yet powerful cocktail combinations. Proving itself an antithesis to warehouse-like bars that lack any semblance of a soul, this cosy space attracts a crowd that are passionate about well-constructed drinks, as well as bartenders eager to prove their skill as they attempt to make a career out of slinging the best drinks in the Southwest.

2) Virtu Honest Craft

Pairing fine food with velvety smooth premium drinks has been a winning combo for the folks behind Virtu Honest Craft, a new upstart restaurant that has attracted raving return diners and drinkers to this hip spot in Central Scottsdale.

A coveted designation from Esquire Magazine has only cemented its stellar reputation, which has built on top of fresh food and cutting edge cocktails that are lovingly prepared by its obsessive kitchen staff and detail orientated mixologists.

If dinner and drinks is what you aiming for while in the Phoenix area, it is hard to go wrong by coming here.

3) Last Drop Bar

Consider yourself a cocktail enthusiast? If so, a visit to the Last Drop Bar will be well worth the trip, as the owners behind this establishment have made the creation of new alcoholic concoctions into something of a sport.

Those that appreciate the razor’s edge of new highballs, mixed drinks, and cocktails will never tire of a continuing rotating slate of virgin tipples, while old standards are made with a fanatical dedication to tradition, giving all parties something to like during an evening in this lovely lounge.

4) Windsor

Those that are fans of everything hip shouldn’t visit the Phoenix area and not drop into the Windsor, as its avant garde style will appeal greatly to members of the New Rich that are on the constant hunt for all that is original and exciting.

Known only by numbers, the Windsor’s various creations take liquors ranging from whiskey to gin to new flavor domains that one could never anticipate – that is until you tip back your glass and truly appreciate the skill that the newest generation of barkeeps bring to one of the very best lounges in the Phoenix area.

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