3 Luxury Wilderness Resorts In Canada That Need To Be Seen To Be Believed

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Being a nation defined by empty but drop dead gorgeous natural spaces, Canada’s main attractions will require you to leave the city to experience them properly. The following luxury wilderness resorts in Canada will give you the experience you crave from America’s neighbor to the north.

1) Sonora Resort, Sonora Island, British Columbia

Situated within the scenic Inside Passage of British Columbia, Sonora Resort is the perfect place to connect with one of Canada’s most iconic outdoor environments without having to leave behind the comforts of civilization.

Sonora is best known for its world class fishing opportunities, as monstrously big salmon are caught on a regular basis by guests. A lack of experience in this sport shouldn’t be a hindrance to you, as Sonora’s guides will lead you through the process of hooking and landing your first trophy fish.

Top end mattresses and bedding await you in your suite after a day’s worth of personal growth, as will some of British Columbia’s best wines in the fine dining lounge. As the light slowly fades on the western horizon, the unparalleled Pacific views will serve as the perfect compliment to the five star courses that you will be spoiled with throughout your stay.

2) Seal River Heritage Lodge, near Churchill, Manitoba

Aside from the industrious beaver, the animal that is most commonly associated with the second largest nation on Earth is the polar bear. One of the most popular places in Canada to view this national icon is in and around the remote city of Churchill, Manitoba.

While many hotels are available in town, those seeking the true Arctic wilderness experience will want to stay at a place like the Seal River Heritage Lodge. Located within a thirty minute floatplane flight of town, Seal River gives you the opportunity watch the animals of the Manitoban tundra go about their lives as you watch from a viewing tower, or while you tuck into an expertly prepared meal.

While you are far from civilization, electricity is available around the clock, and the cosy fireplace in the common area gives you the perfect place to reflect upon the wildlife viewing safari that you went on just hours before.

3) Tuckamore Lodge, Main Brook, Newfoundland

On Canada’s East Coast, some of the best wilderness experiences can be had along the wild coastal environments that can be found throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Tuckamore Lodge is one of the places that allow you to take it all in without sacrificing comfort, as its Scandinavian owners have spared no expense in making sure your stay is as memorable as possible.

Situated near the tip of Newfoundland’s sparsely populated Northern Peninsula, Tuckamore Lodge is perched on the edge of this province’s world renowned Iceberg Alley, where chunks of glacial ice float by on their journey south from their Greenlandic origins.

Whales breach the surface of sea on a regular basis, and birders will love the variety of species that thrive in this oceanic climate. With only eight rooms in this accommodation, you’ll get to know your fellow guests in the common area throughout your stay, and while you’ll discuss the outstanding natural surroundings in which you find yourself, you’ll also find yourself praising the food here, which is included in your room rate and features local seafood in the main courses served in the dining room.

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