A Luxury Traveler’s Guide To Sweden


For many people, Sweden is a desirable destination, but many are put off by its excessive costs. As a person with deep pockets though, the financial concerns that harangue most members of the public is not an excuse that you can use.

As such, you won’t be stretching your dollar until George Washington cries, slumming it in basic accommodations and barely passable dining establishments. You’ll be able to enjoy the finest elements of this peaceful and prosperous nation, from its cultural and historical sights, to the best dining and hotels that its peak travel destinations have to offer.

There are several places worth discovering within this Scandinavian nation, so let’s get down to the details in our luxury traveler’s guide to Sweden…

Stockholm – the city of islands

Once you get settled in your hotel (Grand Hotel Stockholm is an inspired choice, as its 100+ years of continuous operation have fine-tuned their approach on how to treat their VIP guests), get your concierge to procure tickets for a steamboat ride through Stockholm’s harbor and up the maze-like inlets and rivers towards Drottningholm, home of the King and Queen of Sweden.

Dinner is served en route, but if you prefer to get an inspired meal back in town, Operakällaren is the best place in town to get traditional Swedish cuisine; with chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and oak paneling, you will be hard pressed to be more excited for a meal in any other place in the entire country.

Gothenburg – the centre of the south

After this, head south to Gothenburg, a gorgeous port city on Sweden’s south coast. Here, its art museum delivers amazing pieces of Nordic visual arts, while its opera house, ranked as one of the world’s most best performing arts centers will provide a night of inspired entertainment.

Enjoy a flavorful meal beforehand at Bhoga, one of four Michelin star restaurants in town, and rest your head at Dorsia, a boutique establishment with bold designs that will make you feel like royalty upon entering your domain for the duration of your stay.

Norrland – embrace the northern frontier

No region in Sweden defines this nation quite like its wild north. Known as Norrland, this is the place to go in get in touch with nature, and while the urbane touches of the city might not be found here in abundance, emphasis on comfort isn’t lacking in places like Treehotel, which suspends you in the canopy of Norrland’s forests near Harads or Icehotel near Jukkasjärvi, which embraces the chill of winter, while keeping the ambient temperature within a comfortable range in your room, given the heavy blankets provided.

When you aren’t nursing a fine cocktail from an ice martini glass this winter, take in the world’s largest light show outside, as the long hours of darkness and Sweden’s northerly latitude make Aurora Borealis a frequent occurrence during the cold months.

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