Luxury Travel In Chile: Top 3 Highlights You Won’t Want To Miss


Lately, you have been finding yourself obsessing over the natural wonders of Latin America, but reports of crime and the overall perception of a lower standard of living have given you pause when the subject of actually booking a ticket has arisen.

If you want to set foot in South America for the first time, but are nervous to do so, there is no better destination to start your exploration of this fascinating continent than Chile. Of all the nations that comprise this region of the world, none are as well-developed and boast a trustworthy police force than this elongated country, a fact that should set your mind at ease straight away.

With these nervous thoughts calmed, there are many sights to see and things to do within this diverse nation. The following three suggestions barely scratch the surface, but they will give you an excellent idea of what adventures are possible in the mostly lively corner of the world!

1) The Crystal Lagoon awaits

In the city of Algarrobo, situated on Central Pacific coast of Chile famed for its delightful Mediterranean climate, a beach resort is home to the Crystal Lagoon, which is the world’s largest pool. Measuring more than a kilometre long, this monstrous cerulean beauty is large and deep enough to float sailboats, and is considerably warmer than the ocean of which it has smashing views. Take a kayak out onto its waters, or simply float away on a lounger – the choice is yours!

2) Ski Portillo while you still can

At this writing, it is September, and snow has just begun to fall in the mountains of Canada. Meanwhile, the closing days of winter in the Southern Hemisphere has seen massive snowstorms blow through famed ski hills such as Portillo.

If you arrive here before the first week of October, you too can carve up some of the finest powder the Andes has to offer. If you’re a single lady, take note – crowds of Olympic caliber snow athletes, many unattached, train here. Don’t forget to hit up that hot tub for the apres ski!

3) Check out the rocky spires of Torres Del Paine

While the window for skiing the Andes may be closing soon, the one for exploring the mountains of Patagonia is about to swing wide open. Many luxury resorts on the edges of Torres Del Paine National Park have just opened for the onset of Spring, arguably the best time of year to see these unique peaks. Laden with a winter’s worth of snow, camera shutters will be clicking furiously here – make sure that your DLSR is among them!

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