Luxury Ski Chalets To Experience in the European Alps


With winter firmly entrenched in the Northern Hemisphere, and spring being a long way off in the distance, it’s easy to get sulky and withdraw from the outdoors this time of year.  However, you find it much more positive and productive to embrace the season instead.

Throughout your youth, you have always enjoyed a good ski, hurtling yourself down steep pistes at hair-raising speeds that had ski patrol and your mother yelling at you, but it was all good.  You learned that by taking calculated risks, one could savour the true thrills of life; after all, isn’t that the point of why we are all here on this Earth in the first place?

You took these lessons into the business world, and by avoiding reckless ventures (trees and rocks), and by taking on opportunities that had risks but big rewards, you have prospered.  Now, with the means to take on winter in style, you are attempting to find a ski chalet in the European Alps where you and your young family can begin making new memories together, in much the same fashion as yours did in your childhood.

With that in mind, we have three luxury ski chalets that may be of interest to you, nestled amongst some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet.  Let’s discuss each of them in detail:


1) Chalet Ferme de Marie, Megev, France

Sprawling over three floors in the quiet mountain hamlet of Megev, this spacious getaway will surely become your home in the French Alps.  From the master bedroom/bathroom that occupies the entire third floor, to a personal chef that will cook you and your loved ones meals upon request, this chalet fits the bill in every respect when it comes to luxury.  After a rough and tumble day on the slopes, you will also love the fact that you will have your own private spa waiting for you when you get back, complete with Jacuzzi, sauna, and even a massage table!

2) Chalet Chamois, Zermatt, Switzerland

Located in the quintessential Swiss resort town of Zermatt, this place just oozes character, making this place the perfect retreat for the active family. Having access to the high end of the chalet market will only heighten this experience, as the Chalet Chamois is a penthouse with unimpeded views of the Matterhorn, just the sight you want to see after an active day out in the mountains.  Your kids will be overjoyed with the many amenities here, not the least of which is an XBOX 360 hooked up to a high definition TV and state of the art sound.  While your children are occupied with their games, take the opportunity to enjoy a fine glass of Champagne with your partner as the last light of day burns on the Western horizon.

3) Neve 1, Courmayeur, Italy

The ultimate for ski enthusiasts that want to combine having access to well over 100 kilometres of ski trails with an unparalleled accommodation experience after the day is done should consider making Neve 1 their ski chalet of choice. Courmayeur, Italy is rather isolated compared to the other resorts on this list, but if you so choose, you can remain connected with satellite high-def TV’s and the fastest wi-fi available.  If you want to cast off the shackles of the digital age, then revel in the handmade furniture, the roaring fireplace, and the Jacuzzi tub as a gentle snow falls all around you, all of which simple joys that elude you in your life back in the city.


In these dark days of early winter, it is easy to be negative and try to wish away a season that is not going anywhere for a while.  By making the most of this sublimely beautiful time of year, you will allow yourself to get off to the best possible start in the upcoming New Year.

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