Experience the Subcontinent in Style: Luxury Boltholes in India

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While many travelers yearn to experience the mystical land of India at least once in the course of their lives, the less than stellar perception of the nation’s infrastructure may lead the more discerning among us to be hesitant about traveling there.

While such concerns might have been warranted 20 years ago, the India of today contains a surplus of luxury hotels and resorts across the country as the nation continues to expand and open up economically to the world after a generation of stagnation.

Demanding the very best of the destinations you visit though, only the best accommodations will do when you travel anywhere, never mind India. With this in mind, the following luxury boltholes in India will change your mental picture of this deeply cultural and exotic place.

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Sculpted out of fine marble upon an island in the middle of one of India’s most picturesque lakes, the Taj Lake Palace is an institution that has welcomed the upper crust of India and the world since the 1930’s. Seemingly floating on the surface of this crystalline body of water, the ornate domes and arches hint at the opulence that lies within.

If you make this hotel your home while you explore the romantic sights of Rajasthan, you’ll find this to be true, as the rooms boast antique furniture, intricate mosaics, and expensive art that will make your hotel one of the highlights of your time in Northern India.

Wildflower Hall, Mashobra

If you’re looking to get a good look of the Himalayas this winter or spring as they are cloaked in a spectacular blanket of snow, checking into a suite at the Wildflower Hall in the peaceful highland village of Mashobra.

Surrounded by verdant evergreens and having a choice view of the highest mountain range in the world, Wildflower Hall used to serve as a former home of Lord Kitchener during his military service in India during the British colonial period.

Serving as an escape from the sweltering humidity of the lowlands during the punishing summers, this highland home was constructed in a manner befitting his high office, features that can still be seen in its life as a hotel in the present day.

Be sure to get the suite named after the former master of this house, as the Lord Kitchener suite contains a cosy fireplace, two marble bathrooms, a guest bedroom and unparalleled view of the mountains, all sprawled across 1,450 square feet of space.

The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort, Varca (Goa)

If you wish to mix your exotic brush with Indian culture with a tantalizing tropical beach, then booking in at well-appointed Zuri White Sands Goa Resort will prove to be the perfect home base for the duration of your stay in Southern India.

When you aren’t relazing on this country’s most famous sands or viewing the famous churches of this former Portuguese enclave, the staff at Zuri White Sands will attend your every want and need in a way that will make you feel like the VIP you know you are.

A wide range of international cuisine from the resort’s six dining and drinking establishments will keep your hunger satisfied, while your lust to push your luck will be adequately satiated by the Dunes Casino, which offers plenty of table games which offer you the chance to run up your initial stake to a larger amount.

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