Luxurious Vacations in the Caribbean

Dickinson Bay Beach, Antigua

Nothing fixes your spirit like jetting off to the azure waters of the Caribbean at the last minute. With silky smooth lukewarm seas, powdery white sand between your toes, and some of the finest seafood in the world, the island destinations in this part of the world hold the cure of what ails you, be it work stress or a kink in your personal relationships.

Whether you book luxury Caribbean holidays for these reasons, or just because you can’t go more than a few months without having some swaying palm trees and the sound of steel drums in your life, you’ll be inviting joy into your life via the many peak experiences that this region has to offer. The only question left to answer in your mind: Which place in this diverse region will you pick this time?

The following three mainstays of luxurious vacations in the Caribbean never fail to please their customers, and with the charms they contain, they are certain to be to your satisfaction as well.

1) Bermuda

This pink sand fringed coral island at the far northern end of the Caribbean is a popular and quick destination to reach for those that hail from the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, with a tarmac to beach time clocking in at little more over two hours. A hotel that we would recommend is the Pompano Beach Club, as it mixes fine amenities such as a world class spa with being next door to a championship golf course, designed by none other than Robert Trent Jones.

Beachside dining at Coconuts as the sun slips beneath the horizon should be something that you should do at least once, and a day out at one of the world’s top ten beaches (Horseshoe Bay) will grant you the sort of relaxation that you are desperately seeking by coming here.

2) Mexico

While the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico is not an island, its frontage of the Caribbean Sea still makes it a worthy destination in this region, a decision that will be validated upon first sight of the heavenly emerald hue of the seawater throughout the Mayan Riviera. Esencia, located in Playa Del Carmen, one of the better resort towns in the region, will charm you with its quieter, homelike atmosphere, which stands in stark contrast to the mega-resorts that predominate in the area.

Los Murales will be one of the better dining experiences that you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying during your time here, as its focus on local seafood, and the creative twists on preparing it will astound your sense of wonder as much as it does your tastebuds. While much of Playa Del Carmen is strictly a tourist town, nearby Tulum offers a glance into the peak days of the Mayan Empire, as one of their premiere temples commands a regal view of the ocean beyond, and the divine beaches around it.

3) Antigua

The smaller islands of the Caribbean are numerous, making it easy to find an isle that meets for need for a quirt refuge. Antigua, especially at this time of year, definitely fits this bill, and with a resort like Hermitage Bay, which is situated at the end of a long isolated road with less else around, your blood pressure will begin to fall from the moment you step out of the airport shuttle.

While you’ll likely spend much of your time here, heading off resort to dine at Le Bistro will never be a bad decision, as it focuses on marlin, groundfish, and other seafood dishes in a laid back villa setting. Antigua’s history as a choice harbour for sailors is illustrated at Nelson’s Dockyard, a national park that has seen more than its share of redcoats, privateers, and pirates during this place’s golden era.

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