Living the high life in Marseille

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No place in Europe represents the high life quite like the South of France, and it is in Marseille where the best urban delights in this region can be found. It is close by one of the nation’s most stunning marine natural sights, and with a population of nearly two million people, the city is home to some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the region. While Cannes and other centres certainly has much to see, spend some time living the high life in Marseille – you’ll be glad you did.

Go on a private boat tour of The Calanques

Formed by years of erosion from rainfall and the daily ebb and flow of ocean tides, The Calanques are steep-walled fjord-like formations along the Mediterranean coast just outside of Marseille. While boat tours are available, they tend to be crowded especially during high season, making it difficult to fully appreciate their grandeur. In and around Marseille, private boats can be hired to take you into the heart of one of France’s greatest natural wonders.

Enjoy three star Michelin food at Le Petit Nice Passédat

Housed in a private villa resort complex that would also make a good base for you and your traveling party, Le Petit Nice Passédat is a three star Michelin restaurant, which is the rarest of all birds in the culinary world.

Possessing killer views of the Mediterranean Sea, and serving up the finest seafood procured from its depths, this exquisite point on France’s gastronomic map will find its place among the very best dining establishments in which you have had the pleasure to sit.

Let your hair down at Le Mystik

If you are in mood to celebrate a monumental day spent in the south of France with an evening of drinks and dancing to the trendiest music in Europe, Le Mystik will be equal to the task.

With a dress code that is enforced to keep everyone looking hot and drink prices set high enough to keep out the dregs, the crowd here is mature enough to keep the scene from devolving into a frat party gone horribly wrong.

Yet, they are fully willing to bust some serious moves to the eclectic mix of house, electro, top 40 and R&B music that Le Mystik’s solid stable of DJ’s put out on a weekly basis, making it a evening out that you shouldn’t miss for the world.

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