Living The High Life In Japan


As many publications that pointed out over the years, Japan is one of the world’s most expensive countries. While this may cause headaches for many travelers seeking to experience its historic temples, shrines, and castles in addition to its modern quirkiness, as a well-heeled individual, this is no concern to you. As such, you are free to experience the very best that this leading East Asian nation has to offer without financial concern.

When it comes to high end amenities and the bleeding edge in 21st century conveniences, Japan shines through in a big way. This article will detail the best boltholes throughout the country, the finest cuisine that you should go out of your way to sample, and the most historically, culturally, and naturally significant sights that you should take the time to soak in.

After all, the luxury of being such a successful person is that you have the time and the wherewithal to enjoy the best of the world, so take full advantage of this fact during your trip to Japan.

Posh Digs

Upon arrival in Tokyo, park your bags at the Imperial, which was the first western style hotel to open in Japan in the late 1800’s, where a grandiose chandelier greets guests in the fabulous lobby. If you’re looking for something a bit more trendy, then the Park Hyatt Tokyo will fill this need while providing plenty of comfort and service, as it is situated in the Shinjuku district, a place which pulsates with activity at all hours of the day and night.

Those wanting to experience Japan’s subtropical paradise will find a mix of privacy, traditional local lifestyles, and intense beauty at Hoshinoya on Taketomi island, which is just located off the main island of Okinawa, while those seeking the serenity of the mountains and forests of Hokkaido will be ably waited upon at Kimamaya, situated in the well-established four season resort area of Niseko.

With world-class skiing in the winter and trekking in the summer, the active luxury traveler will find plenty to love about this region, which is bookended by suites with rain showers, silky sheets and loft style design.

The Finest In Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is one of the world’s foremost cuisines, as this nation’s chefs and cooks take great pride in serving up edible masterpieces to locals and foreigners alike. Kobe beef is a must, as the livestock from which it is sourced has been bred specifically to have a bloodline that produces higher quality meat than their contemporaries, are given regular massages, and leading up to their slaughter, they are fed a diet of potatoes, barley, and beer.

Having a voracious appetite for seafood, some of the finest sushi in the world can be found here. Tuna fresh from the Tokyo market will tantalize your tastebuds, while those who have “danger” as their middle name will want to dine on fugu, a fish that can be fatally poisonous unless it is prepared properly. If done right however, it is a delightful dish to consume!

Japan’s Essential Sights

In between relaxing in Japan’s best accommodations and dining on its finest delicacies, you’ll probably want to see some of the attractions that make this island nation noteworthy.

See the centre of the Japanese monarchy at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, then take a bullet train out of the city on a clear day to see Japan’s most iconic mountain, Mount Fuji.

View one of the 12 medieval era castles that still stand today (Hirosaki is our favorite), but also take time to pay your respects to the horror that was the Hiroshima bombing at its Ground Zero memorial.

Flee the heat and humidity of summer by heading to Hokkaido, the chill of winter in Okinawa, or chase cherry blossoms across the country in the countries’ most delightful season, spring.

Whatever you choose to do in Japan, you are certain to have a memorable trip in one of the leading nations in all of Asia!

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