The A-Lister’s Guide to the Canadian Rockies


After all these years of waiting, you have finally pried yourself away from your work long enough to stop procrastinating on making one of the most significant tick marks on your bucket list a reality. You have booked a flight to Vancouver, Canada, thus laying the foundation for your long awaited trip to the Canadian Rockies, but all the other details have yet to be worked out.

Having worked long hours for decades to ascend and top the corporate ladder, you have created a lifestyle where only the best will do for you and the members of your party. As such, all elements of your trip need to create a delightful and impactful experience, regardless of cost.

With this in mind, the following suggestions will create the conditions for you, your family and friends to have the classy, dignified and enlightening Rocky Mountain experience that you had always envisioned in your mind.

All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

Motorcoaches, the vehicle of choice for those confined to paying for economy class, is a non-starter when it comes to traveling to and arriving in the Canadian Rockies in style. This is remedied by taking the train, the most regal of all transport options. Of the options available, the Rocky Mountaineer has built their business on providing a superior experience for its privileged customers, as they have won awards by respected bodies like The Society of International Railway Travelers, the World Travel Awards, and by National Geographic Magazine.

The train runs only during the day to allow travelers to drink in the exquisite views that proliferate throughout the routes that wend their way through British Columbia and Alberta, mouthwatering meals are prepared by skilled gourmet chefs, and the cloud-like beds in your hotel suite will have you drifting off to sleep mere seconds after your head hits your pillow.

Luxury and the backcountry combine at Skoki Lodge

One simply cannot have the true Canadian Rockies experience without leaving the pleasures of the charming town of Banff behind for the raw beauty of the backcountry in Banff National Park. If you’re thinking that you might have to endure hardship to achieve this end, worry not. Do as William and Kate did and book a stay at the Skoki Lodge, a backcountry heaven located at the end of an 11 kilometre long trail.

The walk may be long, but you’ll be too busy being intoxicated by the legendary scenery that will envelop you along the entire path. When you arrive, the lack of internet or TV won’t even register in your mind, as the gourmet chef on site will transport you to culinary paradise, the views will have you marveling at the luck of the staff for having been hired to work here, and the new friends you’ll meet as you dine by candlelight will revive the lost art of conversation that you thought had perished from this world.

Sailing atop an emerald ocean to paradise: Spirit Island @ Maligne Lake

If you opt instead to head north to Jasper National Park, then no other activity can quite top a day at Maligne Lake, one of the true gems of the Canadian Rockies. After partaking of unbelievably rich sweets and refined caffeinated beverages at High Tea, head out onto Maligne Lake on a private cruise (best to arrange this a couple of days before if possible), which fills a massive box canyon with up to 97 metres of emerald green water, an 8,000 year old consequence of the last ice age.

After peering up at mountains that shoot up straight from the lake shore, multiple picturesque glaciers that hang from their slopes, and the occasional sighting of an eagle, deer, moose or bear, the sanguine island that graces the backgrounds of countless computers will come into view – Spirit Island, with mountains surrounding from every side, will defy any sight you had seen before, thus making your decision to take the trip of dreams a very wise one indeed!

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