iPhone 7 cases for your next beach vacation – waterproof and more

If you’re headed off to a beach vacation and you’re an iPhone 7 owner, iPhone 7 cases are an absolute essential. The last thing you want to be doing while you’re sunning yourself and splashing about is worrying about your iPhone. And what could be more annoying than your iPhone 7 dying in the middle of paradise? With no repair shops around, you’ll be out of the loop for the rest of your vacation in paradise. No pictures, no videos, no showing your friends just how breathtaking that view is. Instead you’ll be stuck with an unresponsive brick. That doesn’t sound like anyone’s idea of a good time.

 Gone are the days when waterproof iPhone 7 cases were nothing but enormous ugly silicone monsters. In the past, you might have even been embarrassed to whip one out before a dive in the hotel pool or a snorkeling trip. Waterproof bags are even worse, in our opinion. Sure, bag style iPhone 7 cases are perfect for deep sea diving where other cases won’t hold up, but otherwise? Not our thing.

 Thank goodness phone case manufacturers have seen sense. Now you can get your hands on gorgeous iPhone 7 cases with waterproofing and drop proofing ability. So you can keep your iPhone 7 safe while still enjoying yourself to the max.


Ghostek Cloak 2.0



We’re kicking off the list with one of our favorite drop proof iPhone 7 cases. Note that this case is not waterproof, but it’ll work its drop proof magic in case of a drop on the terrace or by the pool-side. We absolutely adore the design of this case. The transparent back panel allows the color and Apple logo of your iPhone to shine through, while the detailing on the back adds interest. We have to admit that the tasteful gold is our favorite color option, but there are plenty other colors to pick from if that’s not your thing.


Here’s how it keeps your iPhone 7 vacation-ready:


  • The screen protector is explosion proof, so is ready to block out all impacts on the screen while keeping your display intact
  • An aluminum alloy frame is built into the case. This is a high quality material only used in superior phone cases. It acts as a strong bumper around your iPhone 7, and it will take the impact in a drop so your phone won’t have to
  • The transparent back case we love so much is crafted from TPU. This is a shock absorbing material that works wonders when it comes to preventing damage that comes from drops
  • A built in anti bending system prevents the disfiguring that can happen in a drop against a hard surface


Ghostek Atomic 3

ghostek atomicIf you loved the aluminum alloy frame and clear back cover of the Covert 2.0, but you want something that can keep your iPhone 7 safe from water, say hello to the Ghostek Atomic 3. This case is rated waterproof up to 4ft for 1 hour. That’s plenty of depth and time for most beach vacation activities. Why not dive down and take a snorkeling video? Or snap underwater pictures of that bright colored fish you spotted?

But the protection doesn’t stop there:

  • The sealing protection that makes the Atomic 3 waterproof also makes it snowproof and iceproof. So you can take the Atomic 3 to your beach vacation and your ski vacation without switching out.
  • The aluminum alloy bumper is the thickest we’ve ever come across in any iPhone 7 cases. This makes it virtually indestructible when it comes to drops. So if you’re into more extreme sports and want to take your phone along, the Atomic 3 could be the perfect choice.
  • It’s sandproof, too, so perfect for the beach.
  • This case is dust proof, mud proof and dirt proof, so whether you’re on safari flinging up dust, or heading to a healing volcano mudbath, your iPhone 7 won’t give up on you.


Punkcase Crystal


If drop protection’s not really a thing for you, but you still want waterproofing power, this might just be the right case for you. The Atomic 3’s bumper is awesomely protective, but also heavy and bulky. If you prefer something a bit sleeker, the Crystal has a slimmer profile, while still offering waterproof protection and a transparent back cover.

Here’s how it protects your iPhone 7:

  • 3 layers of protection work together to keep your phone protected from water and drops
  • Full waterproofing up to 6.6ft
  • The transparent part of the case is made from TPU, which resists shock
  • Air cushion technology in the corners adds another level of protection against drops
  • Snow and ice proofing comes as standard here, too, so you’ll be packing it again in the winter
  • The case also offers dirt, dust and mudproofing

Now we’ve shown you three of our favorite iPhone 7 cases for your next beach vacation, which will you pick?

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