Infographic:The Britannia Passenger Ship

P&O Cruises have long been up there with the best of them in the world of luxury travel, taking passengers around the world in style for over 100 years. From mini-breaks to Europe to full on world cruises, P&O have made a name for themselves as a provider of some of the best cruises around. In 2015, they are stepping things up yet again with the introduction of a new, very impressive ship in their fleet.

The Britannia is the biggest passenger ship ever built exclusively for Britain, and will represent a quarter of their entire fleet’s passenger capacity. To start building the anticipation for the Britannia’s first voyage in the spring of 2015, P&O Cruises have released an infographic giving a few staggering facts about the newest member of their seafaring family.

With four swimming pools, 13 bars, 13 restaurants, on board entertainment and 62,400kW of power behind her, the Britannia is going to offer an incredible cruising experience where passengers can get absorbed in all the ship has to offer, in between stops at gorgeous ports all over the world. Check out the infographic to find out more about the ship, including how it sizes up against the Statue of Liberty, the Shard and the Eiffel Tower among other things.


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