Experiencing Jordan In Luxury


With much of the Middle East experiencing problems these days, it might appear that a holiday in this region might appear to be out of the question. Alas, there is still a nation worth experiencing amid all this, a nation of peace, stability and unparalleled hospitality. This country is Jordan, a place that has not seen conflict since the increasingly distant Seven Day War with Israel way back in the 60’s.

Ever since, they have been on cordial terms, and so peace has reigned across this diverse land. From ancient ruins, to otherworldly landscapes, Jordan has much to offer the wealthy traveler. If you are looking to experience Jordan in luxury, the following destinations will provide the kind of elevated experiences to seek while on the road, while granting you a look into life within this fascinating nation.

The Pleasure of Petra

Without question, the top attraction in all of Jordan are the remains of the ancient city of Petra. Well hidden from its foes by towering cliffs and canyons, The Treasury is the best known of its ruins. If you have limited time in the country, visit it at night, when a candlelight ceremony will both expose you to traditional Jordanian culture and an opportunity to sharpen your night photography skills with a world class subject to focus on.

A selection of name brand and boutique resorts lie anywhere from just outside the min gates to only a few kilometres away, allowing you to spend your days sunning yourself in the sunny and dry desert air, while your evenings will be spent at this timeless archaeological site.

A Blissful Spa Holiday At The Dead Sea

If you are in need of a facial, save it for the time that you’ll spend on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan. It has been established that the mud is known for its restorative properties, with tourists from all over Europe and the Arab World traveling here to be pampered with it. When you aren’t getting your biological clock turned back several years by masseuses and spa technicians, do what you’ve been dreaming about for a long time: take a copy of the Financial Times and read it in the waters of the Dead Sea. It is 100% true that the waters are so buoyant here, that it is not possible to sink.

A Safe Red Sea Getaway in Aqaba

While the Dead Sea has its amusements, its extremely high salt content does not make it suitable for watersports and swimming. Thankfully, Jordan has a short frontage on the Red Sea, making its beach resort town of Aqaba one that is in high demand. An assortment of luxury hotels with inspired dining options will get you ready for the fine beaches that line Aqaba’s waterfront, or if you are so inclined, for a spot of SCUBA diving in some of the clearest waters in the world. Take an underwater camera with you, as it will be a decision you won’t regret!

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