Enjoy a luxury city break in Paris this fall


With the crush of foreign tourists that typifies the summer travel season blessedly gone from the streets of Europe’s finest city, the time to truly experience this global urban gem is now. The warmth of summer still lingers during the day, without the overbearing humidity of July and August.

The rains and chilly winds of late fall have not arrived, yet the lack of people at key attractions would make you think that it has. If you have a gap in your schedule that is just begging for a quality travel experience to fill it, these attractions that one can savour on a luxury city break in Paris will grant the refined weekend that you love to indulge in every now and then. If you’re lucky enough to have a break lasting more than a few days, don’t miss out on he endless possible day trips from Paris.

Let’s review this inspired itinerary together, shall we?

Go shopping on Avenue Montaigne

Now that the window gawkers that couldn’t afford to buy a scarf, let alone an entire outfit are gone from the fronts of the famed boutiques that can be found on Avenue Montaigne, you can head over to the 8th Arrondissement and begin the process of assembling some killer additions to your power wardrobe.

All the major players in high fashion such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Ralph Lauren can be found here, as well as many jewelers that specialize in finding that new ring with a rock larger than most women’s engagement bands.

Rub elbows with celebs and VIP’s at L’Avenue

If you don’t mind pushing your way past the rude intrusive subspecies of person known as the paparazzi to get inside L’Avenue, you will be rewarded by dining in a place long favored by visiting celebrities, businesspeople, and other VIP’s.

Even if you aren’t that star struck by the fact that so many important people frequent this establishment, the food is well prepared and highly spoken of, making L’Avenue an experience worth having for more than just the high quality networking opportunities.

Revel in the pageantry of the Paris Opera Ballet

When the daylight begins to slip away and the darkness of night emerges over The City Of Lights, only the best in nightlife will do for you and your party when you head out on the town in Paris. Of all the quality options, an evening out at the Paris Opera Ballet stands out in particular.

Ranking as the oldest national ballet company in the world, they have a lengthy track record of excellence backing up their performances. This fall, The Barber of Seville is one of their top shows, so be sure to catch this timeless stage show while you still can.

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