Discovering Brussels’ finest food

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Brussels has built a solid reputation over countless generations for being a paradise for foodies of all stripes. Seeking to discover Brussels’ finest food on your next trip to Europe? This article will lead you to the best purveyor’s of the best foodstuffs in this gastronomic capital.

Chocolate: Pierre Marcolini (1 rue des Minimes, Place du Grand Sablon)

Fronted by a master chocolatier that is so dedicated to his art that he imports his own raw cacao beans from West Africa so he can roast them himself, there is no better place to sample the finest chocolates in a city and country that are known worldwide for producing the best stuff on the planet.

The result is a product with sharp intense flavors, which are housed in elaborate boxes and packaging that make any of the products here perfect gifts for loved ones back home.

Waffles: Dandoy (Rue au Beurre 31)

While any connoisseur of breakfast is familiar with the Belgian style waffle, it still doesn’t diminish the impact that skilled chefs can have on this decadent morning treat in its home country. At Dandoy, they serve the Liège Waffle, which is renowned for being much richer, sweeter and denser than any waffle you’ve had in the past.

Crusted with pearl sugar and dusted with the powdered variety for an additional dose of glorious glucose, this meal certainly won’t be the healthiest meal you’ve ever had, but with life being such a fragile thing, why deny yourself pleasure in the moment, especially on holiday?

Mussels: Le Chou de Bruxelles (26, Rue De Florence)

For those seeking a savory snack instead of a sweet one, Brussels is also well known for moules frites, or mussels with fries. For this satisfying mix of fine shellfish and the favored starch source of the common person, we recommend sitting down for your meal at Le Chou de Bruxelles.

Here, there are more than 20 varieties of mussel and fries, and with an inspired wine list, you’ll find this dining occasion to be far more classy than you can ever imagine beforehand.

Fine Dining: Comme Chez Soi (Place Rouppe 23)

In a city that does so many different types of food the justice that they deserve, the fine dining scene surely must be something to behold, and on this point, Comme Chez does not disappoint. Occupying a spot atop the culinary mountains for multiple generations, this two Michelin star institution serves up a variety of seafood from lobster to king crab in a fashion that will win over even those that are normally averse to the bounty of the ocean.

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