Decadent High Roller Suites In Las Vegas


As a risk-taking entrepreneur, you often make big bets on trends, expecting to show a profit on your product or service most of the time, even though the risk that you’re wrong lurks like a rabid dog in the shadows. Like many in business, you’ve been bit a couple of times in your life, but you’ve always bounced back, so this optimism and developed toughness informs many of your bold decisions in the present day.

When the time comes to play, your nature doesn’t inexplicably goes away.  You go to and throw wild parties, try hazard fraught activities like skydiving and backcountry skiing, and when you feel the itch, you make your way down to the City of Sin, Las Vegas, to see if Lady Luck will smile upon you and shower you with even more money.

Not just any pad will do when you’re down there living it up though, as the days of holing up in some musty $30/ night hotel room are far in your distant past.  You possess the bankroll of a high roller, and your living space should reflect this while you are in Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for a baller pad to host you and your buddies, here are three high class establishments that pass the high-roller litmus test.

1) Sky Suites at ARIA

Want to stay in a hotel suite that doesn’t feel like a hotel suite?  When you stay at the Sky Suites at ARIA, you’ll definitely feel like you are in a luxurious penthouse, as the amenities include a full kitchen, a billiard parlour, as well as a steam room. If you take a bad beat in craps that makes you feel like a freight train has run you over, ARIA also offers in suite spa treatments which will knead away the pain of your multi-thousand dollar loss, atop the $7,500 a night your unit is costing you.

2) Penthouse A at the Palms

Of all the options in this article Penthouse A at the Palms is perhaps the best one for wealthy groups descending upon Vegas to lose their money in exciting and scandalous ways. Wild parties will be had in the cantilevered spa outside on your balcony, while waking up amidst the most comfortable Egyptian cotton sheets that can be found in the world will help to ease the pain of your wild ways the night before.

3) East End Penthouse, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Those looking to stay in suites that have graced the likes of Adele, Beyonce and the like will find the East End Penthouse at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas very attractive. Being a three storey bungalow instead of penthouse in high hotel and condo towers, this suite offers an outdoor kitchen and a bar, as well as a highly opulent crystal raindrop fountain and its own movie theatre.

Ball out hard in Vegas this year

While the Adult Entertainment Capital of the World is slowly recovering from the recession as the American economy improves, the cities’ struggling hospitality sector could use a good dose of old fashioned Caligulan degeneracy as it was enjoyed by many well-heeled guests during the better days in the recent past.  Partying in this fashion is in your DNA … express it in the Nevadan sun this summer!

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