The Best Of Vancouver’s Dining Scene


Vancouver is Canada’s most fabulous and modern city, with many of this nation’s (and plenty from overseas as well) nouveau rich flocking here for the gentle climate and the ever abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation.  With the lifestyle advantages listed in the previous sentence factoring heavily in their decision, some of the world’s most talented chefs and cooks have also made this sea and mountainside metropolis their home.

Due to this convergence of culinary prowess, and the capital provided by those willing to pay for a premium dining experience, an exemplary dining scene has blossomed amidst the concrete and glass towers of Vancouver’s core.  Simply put, diners with exacting tastes will be spoiled for choice in this town, a rare situation in many places across the globe.

In order to aid you with your dinner decision, we have put together a list of restaurants by common cuisine types, so that you may sample the very best that Vancouver has to offer across the culinary disciplines.

1) Le Crocodile Restaurant (909 Burrard St) – If French cuisine tickles your fancy, then Le Crocodile is a choice that is sure to not disappoint you, or your party. Unlike other fine-dining establishments that emphasize plate art more than the actual portions of food, this restaurant gives you enough food to satisfy the gnawing hunger in the pit of your stomach, while taking your taste buds on an amazing adventure through some of the best flavours that French cuisine can present.  Diners report that the duck confit and foie gras are excellent entrees, and the crème brulee comes highly recommended for the dessert course.

2) Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie (163 Keefer St) – Vancouver has a large minority population of persons of Chinese descent, with 19% of the cities’ population having emigrated from, or having lineage from China.  So when they rave in online reviews about how a restaurant has the best authentic Chinese food outside of the mother country, one ought to sit up and pay attention. Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie is the restaurant receiving these accolades, and for good reason, as the food doesn’t disappoint, the house drinks are of exceptional quality, and it is good value, as most entrees are priced under $20.  Don’t let the low price point dissuade you: the food truly is some of the best Chinese food in the city, and it comes with excellent customer service to boot!

3) Pourhouse Restaurant (162 Water Street) – Highly knowledgeable mixologists, gigantic portion sizes, and intensely flavourful Canadian style food define the Pourhouse Restaurant in the heart of Gastown.  The bar staff has an intimate knowledge of cocktails, including ones served back in the late 19th century, when the area was a frontier town on the newly breached Canadian Pacific Coast.  Multiple diners report that the Steelhead Trout and Pork Belly dishes are divine, so if you are having trouble ordering, you can’t go wrong choosing either one.

Vancouver is a dynamic city on the rise, making the most of its enviable natural surroundings.  The dining scene in this exciting place is also matching the enthusiasm of its inhabitants, so much so that a trip here is almost warranted on this rationale alone.

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