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Heading to Germany in 2015? Those looking to discover one of Europe’s most culturally dominant and geographically significant countries will be in for a treat, as its mountains, medieval-style villages and its commitment to the arts will quickly charm many visitors.

One aspect of this country that doesn’t get the respect that we believe that it deserves is its restaurants. While Europe is generally well-known for its fine cuisine, the rougher nature of German cuisine had earned the scorn of food critics in the past.

While it has improved in terms of plate presentation and flavor dramatically over the decades, its reputation has hung around like an unwelcome house guest, obscuring the true brilliance of Germany signature dishes in the present day.

One of the best places in the nation to sample them is Munich, as this center is well-known for the gastronomic aspects of this nation’s culture. The following best restaurants in Munich will introduce you to this nation’s food in a way that will allow you to truly appreciate its savory nature.

1) Restaurant Mark’s

Defining itself from the competition by being a French restaurant that takes inspiration from elements of Mediterranean and Asian cooking, Restaurant Mark’s is a hot dining spot in Munich whose distinctive style has earned it recognition from Michelin.

Fine adornments like exquisite silverware compliment the cuisine, which will thrill your tastebuds with its attention to detail. Be sure not to miss their highly acclaimed desserts!

2) Königshof

While it may not look like much from the outside, the drab exterior of Kongigshof Hotel hides pure opulence inside, as its namesake restaurant serves up some of Munich’s finest dishes.

It has earned its Michelin star with dedication to sourcing the freshest ingredients, providing the finest vintage wines, and providing top-flight service from the moment you walk into the dining room.

It may be impossible to make a bad choice when selecting a meal here, but we recommend the Bavarian Lamb, or for seafood lovers, the crayfish.

3) Tegernseer Tal Bräuhaus

This restaurant might not be the priciest restaurant that you’ll find in Munich, but this mid-range gem does the best job of representing the down-to-earth nature of Bavarian cuisine in our opinion. From bratwurst sausages paired with potato salad and dumplings, to the wheaty dark brews that Germany is famous for, Tegernseer Tal Brauhaus makes up for its less than classy nature with wholesome, flavorful and filling food that give you the sense of place that is often missing in more upmarket establishments.

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