The Best Restaurants in Peru To Sample Peruvian Cuisine

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While cuisine in much of the New World is still emerging compared to much older cultures worldwide, the food in the South American nation of Peru has begun to get noticed for the multitude of ingredients, flavors and dishes that it has to offer.

While you easily sample Peruvian cuisine at any one of an endless number of eateries upon your arrival in the country, you have the means to experience in the most glamorous way possible, by dining in some of the best restaurants in Peru.

Below, we list three of our favorites, where one will never go wrong when in search of the ultimate Peruvian cuisine experience.

IK Restaurante, Lima

Hands down the best restaurant in all Lima and likely the country, there is no better place to sample the finest in Peruvian cuisine than at IK Restaurante. Specializing in taking Peruvian favorites and applying the principles of molecular gastronomy to them, this fine eatery uses sustainable methods to produce food that transcends anything seen before in this nation’s food scene.

Making full use of local produce and protein from land and sea, the creative approach that the skilled cooks take towards constructing your dish will make you almost lament having to eat such a fabulous work of art.

Central Restaurante, Lima

One of IK Restaurante’s biggest competitors, Central Restaurante also beings the gusto in a major way when it comes to producing some of Peru’s best restaurant meals. Combining a dedication to picking ingredients in the way this nation’s pre-Spanish ancestors had done with a flair for presentation, those that pick Central over the former choice will come away from their dinner no less impressed.

All ingredients are locally sourced (there is an organic garden located out back), and are served as fresh as humanly possible, creating a flavor experience that ranks it among the best restaurants in the world, let alone Peru.

Kusikuy, Cusco

In the days preceding or following an expedition to Machu Picchu, you will have a few days to explore the nearby colonial gem that is Cusco. While there are plenty of restaurants that cater to tourists, many serve food that it is dialed down in its intensity, leading to a wholly unsatisfactory dining experience. You will experience nothing of the sort at Kusikuy, which is easily the top Peruvian restaurant in town.

While it may make you feel uneasy, do at least try a dish featuring guinea pig, as it is a treasured delicacy in this country, and few other establishments do it justice like Kusikuy does. Even if you can’t bring yourself to do it, there are many other hearty options like roast lamb and alpaca kebab produced by this family-owned establishment that will give you an authentic taste of Peru before you depart for home.

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