Best Michelin Star Restaurants To Experience Before You Die


For gourmands around the world, there is no distance too far to travel to sample the very best dining rooms that the world has to offer.  As such, guides that tout the best culinary experiences that can be found in the world provide an invaluable service, taking the hearsay and guesswork out of hunting for the most pleasurable gastronomic centres.

Out of all these publications, the Michelin Guide is the most respected in the fine dining world for its impartial opinions on what constitutes a top flight restaurant, making the stars that it rewards worth their weight in gold to the establishments that chase them.   This article attempts to pare down this shortlist even further, highlighting a three star Michelin restaurant in each corner of the globe that takes its external environment, and makes itself a central cornerstone in the experience that one has when journeying to the region in question.

Without further delay, let’s discuss these delectable dining dens, lest your stomach begins to digest itself in anticipation!

1) Akelare, San Sebastian, Spain – Located near the beachside playground of San Sebastian, Akelare thinks of the food preparation process as a show, with the dining room being centre stage.  With two sittings a day, be sure to make advance reservations to ensure a front row seat to this epicurean performance, featuring copious amounts of seafood, meat, pasta, vegetables and the like, woven into tapas and divine main courses with heavy infusions of creativity badly lacking in 98% of kitchens these days.  For the eager learner, they also offer cookery classes, offering the ability to sweep your life partner off their feet by tickling their taste buds with top shelf cooking techniques.

2) Lung King Heen, Hong Kong – While Hong Kong is a capital for culinary brilliance in every form of cuisine imaginable, it simply wouldn’t be proper to visit the New York City of Asia without trying some of the finest Cantonese food on the planet.  To that end, Lung King Heen will prove to be your match, offering up dim sum and seafood dishes that enabled it to become the first Chinese restaurant in the world to attain three Michelin stars.  Those jaded by the limited menu options of fine restaurants will be at home here, as the bewildering array of choices on the menu will leave you even further in awe at this place, as it maintains a high level of flavour and character in its food despite the innumerable meal options available.

3) The French Laundry, Yountville, California, USA – Situated in the fertile plains of Napa Valley, epicentre of California’s world famous wine industry, this ambitious restaurant’s take on French food melds it with elements of contemporary American cuisine, while nodding affirmatively to vegetarians, with an entire nine course menu prepared every day exclusively for them. Those wishing to enjoy the exquisite creations of this kitchen in private will be pleased to know that this option is available here, but also with flower arrangements and parting gifts being part of the deal, making for an unforgettable evening.

When money ceases to be a concern, seeking out the very best cuisine in the world can become something of a game.  Through the short list presented above, we hope that we’ve enhanced your enjoyment of this edible hobby!

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