Best Beaches in Barbados


Barbados is known the world over for having some of finest white sand beaches in the Caribbean, and arguably the world.  This exquisite destination has also catered to those will to pay for a premium experience, as legendary hotels such as the Sandy Lane demonstrate.

An excellent break from the rigours of work, business and everyday life can be easily had in Barbados, but you expect the best.  As such, you look at all the beach options available on this abundant island, and you immediately know that you won’t have the time to patronize them all.  You want to know what the best options are for spending your precious days on the sands of one of Caribbean’s finest islands, so you can have the most optimal experience possible before heading back to your normal routine.

To aid you in your decision making process, we have drafted a short list of the most delightful strips of sand in Barbados, where luxury reigns and your needs and expectations will be looked after and met. As always, don’t forget to search online to find the best rates for your flights and accommodations online on websites such as Travelbag etc…

1)  Crane Beach – Accessible by elevator from the Crane Hotel, Crane Beach offers an atmosphere of seclusion, privacy, and exclusiveness that will make you feel like a VIP.  Loungers are reserved for the guests of the Crane Hotel, but if you don’t happen to be staying at this resort, local vendors will be more than happy to set you up with own chair and umbrella for $20-30.  The views are extraordinary, and boogie boards can be rented to ride the active surf, but take care with regards to any children, as the powerful swells generate a nasty rip current that can take a relatively good swimmer by surprise.

2) Sandy Lane Beach – With the reputation that precedes the hotel of the same name, you expect great things from this place, and it delivers.  Public access is difficult, which is wonderful for the guests lounging on the iconic pink beach chairs in front of waters that are crystal clear, and a shade of blue that will embed itself like a thorn in your mind, long after you leave this place.  There is also a coral reef just offshore teeming with marine life for avid snorkelers.  Even those who are content to stick to their loungers may spot some Hollywood celebrities, as the Sandy Lane Hotel has become popular with the A-list in recent years.

3) Bottom Bay Beach – If you have ever had fantasies about washing up on the perfect beach as a castaway, Bottom Bay Beach may be the perfect place to live those dreams.  Walk down the steps from a cliff top parking area, and restrain yourself from running in the water until you have placed your belongings underneath a picturesque palm tree.  Once you have, the alluring water and the delightfully sandy bottom will have you splashing about with abandon, allowing you to reclaim your childhood, if only for an afternoon.

With a dream tropical island comes so many options for enjoying its many splendours.  Barbados has no shortage of amazing white sand beaches; hopefully this list has narrowed your choices down to a select number of beaches that will grant you the ideal experience that you are seeking on your badly needed time off from the stresses of the real world!

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