Three Activities in Antigua For The Well-Capitalized Traveler

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Winter has arrived for us northerners, and while some embrace the chill that comes with this season, even the hardiest of the lot pine for tropical warmth at some point. The blessing of being situated in North America or Western Europe is that the Caribbean is no more than a medium-haul flight away from your chilly abode.

With more than 28 nations or foreign overseas territories to choose from, each destination has its own character. Antigua is one that calls out to those wealthy in spirit and in finance alike, with idyllic jade colored bays, blinding white sand beaches, and immaculately kept resorts.

However, after lying on the lounger for a few days, your soul will begin to stir, so it is important that you have things to do in mind so that this trip will be a satisfying one from start to finish. The following activities in Antigua will engage you in a way that will make you want to return here at this time next winter!

1) Go yachting

With a multitude of effervescent bays located around the isles of Antigua and Barbuda, taking to the water in a yacht is the only way to properly appreciate their magnificence. You can either hire a highly qualified crew to show you around, or if driving boats is a pastime of yours back home, you can take the helm yourself on a mission of exploration for that perfect unspoiled bay.

2) Play some croquet

Founded in the United Kingdom back during the Victorian Era, croquet, or the so-called Queen of Games found its way over to Antigua, a former possession of the British Crown, shortly afterward. Played by knocking a ball through a series of hoops (or wickets as Americans call it), this game has endured over more than a century to remain a highly popular game in this Caribbean paradise.

For those that have a competitive spirit, Galley Bay Resort hosts a croquet tournament on the second Monday of each month, with the winners earning an exquisite dinner at Ismay’s Gazebo, a fine dining establishment on the grounds of this well-regarded resort.

3) Go shopping for some fine luxury goods

Being a picture perfect Caribbean destination that attracts its fair share of well-heeled guests from all four corners of the Earth, Antigua has a wide selection of luxury items that will help make your stay here truly memorable, as well as granting you keepsakes that will forever remind you of your treasured time here.

Gold, jewelry, fine rums, hard to find wines, locally produced art works, and much more is strewn across St. John’s, making for a most enjoyable hunt for the fine goods you crave.

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