Worked hard to obtain a standard of living that puts you among the upper echelon?  Have a taste for the finer things in life?  If so, the usual offerings that travel agents may have for you can seem a bit … lacking.  You’ve put in a great deal of effort to get to where you are now, so doesn’t it make sense that your vacation should reflect the status that you have acquired for yourself?

Thus, it is with great pleasure that we bring you Luxury Travel Digest, a frequently published online review of hotels, restaurants and activities that represent the crème de la crème of high class travel.  Heading anywhere in the world, and concerned about whether there are facilities present to cater to your very exacting requirements for comfort and luxury?  It is our mission to carry out this unrelenting pursuit of perfection and excellence to all corners of the Earth, to report on the luxurious delights that await you there.

Want to know where to get an exquisite meal in some of the foremost cities on Earth?  In Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, New York City and countless others, we have our fingers on the pulse of their fine dining scenes.

Need a lead on five-star luxury, where the finest of linens are of paramount importance when securing your beauty rest?  We review the world’s leading luxury hotels, reviewing amazing amenities that will have you anticipating your bed as much as the destination it sits in!

And after you are rested up and well-fed, you will be looking for a way to be stimulated and entertained, all while maintaining your dignity and style.  From carving the slopes gracefully in Colorado, USA, to touring some of the finest wineries in France, we here at Luxury Travel Digest have got you covered.

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