4 Countries Perfect for a Luxury Holiday 


Once in a while, it will be good to have a luxurious holiday. While it may be expensive, it can provide you with a rewarding experience, and more importantly, memories that you will forever treasure. With this, if you are looking for the best destination for your next luxury travel, keep on reading and we will recommend four of the best countries that should be on your list.

Sri Lanka

The best way to experience Sri Lanka on a luxury is to stay in one of the many extravagant hotels in the country. One of the options would be Amangalla, a 28-room hotel in Galle Fort. Its colonial architecture, crisp linens, and inviting pool are just some of its best assets. Alternatively, you can also check Ceylon Tea Trails, which offers unique accommodations set in a tea estate. The palm-fringed beaches of the country also offers a wide array of accommodations and activities that are perfect for those who love to splurge. There are many private tours of Sri Lanka that you can book, which will be the ultimate way to experience what the country has to offer.


Luxury hotels are abundant in Oman, providing you with the perfect choice for accommodation during your trips. Al Bustan Palace is one of the most popular, which has its own private beach and a vast lush garden. Alila Jabal Akhdar is also an excellent choice, especially because it is set 2,000 meters above sea level. Six Senses Zighy Bay is another high-end hotel that should be considered, which became popular because of being a destination for health-conscious. One of its main highlights is its world-class spa, providing a wide array of treatments that are effective not only for relaxation, but for healing as well.


From Amalfi Coast to Capri, Milan to Venice, Italy is a country that will never run out of travel experiences that will be perfect for luxury holidays. From private beach retreats to luxury holiday villas, Italy is a country of plentiful luxury. If you are looking for design and architectural inspirations, Italy will also be the perfect destination. Almost everywhere you look, art is being embodied in the everyday life of Italians. It is also home to some of the best fashion brads in the world, which is why it is heaven for shopaholics. Whether it is for branded clothes or designer bags, you can shop until you drop. You can stay in an extravagant vineyard and sample the finest wines.


When it comes to high-end hotels in Argentina, you will have an endless selection, which will include Sofitel Buenos Aires, Park Hyatt Mendoza, The Vines Resort and Spa, Hotel Madero, and Cavas Wine Lodge. There are also tons of private tours that you can book where you can get VIP treatment fitted for a royalty. Some that should not be missed include a visit to Iguazu Falls and the Mendoza Wine Country. Buenos Aires, among other parts of the country, is a perfect destination for foodies and offers a lot of five-star dining experiences that can provide a treat not only to the stomach, but for the senses.

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