3 Perfect Places for a Luxury Break in 2016


If you are an avid traveler who loves to have some of the most luxurious experiences the world has to offer, you must be planning for some perfect luxury breaks in 2016. If you are yet to visit the following 3 destinations, you should consider visiting these countries and enjoy some of the wonderful luxury experiences:


Cyprus is a wonderful luxury travel destination with stunning beaches, a subtropical climate, lovely people, incredible food and wine, a rich culture, and a fascinating history. One of the most important aspects of Cyprus as a travel destination is that it is not overcrowded. The third largest island country in the Mediterranean is home to a great number of luxury hotels and resorts with most of them on the coast. So, these hotels and resorts offer the tourists with wonderful views of the Mediterranean along with plenty of opportunity to engage in beach activities and sports. You should love your every moment in the sparkling blue water and truly golden beaches when on your luxury holiday to Cyprus.


Japan is a unique country where the combination of past and future co-exists in incredible peaceful harmony. Japan offers so many unique and wonderful luxury experiences. The sights of sophisticated Tokyo, the Buddhist monks collecting their morning alms in the backstreets of hilly Takayama and snow-capped Mount Fuji are all worth all your time and money. Some other must-have experiences in Japan include exploring the wonderful castles of the country, wandering through the intricate aesthetics of the country’s reflective gardens, taking an Osaka bullet train to check out the city’s contemporary architecture, and exploring its cultural heart in Kyoto. You can experience a traditional Japanese accommodation by staying in a luxury Ryokan. A Ryokan usually feature tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and public areas where you can wear yukata. You can expect to taste all the delicious Japanese foods in these types of accommodations. Overall, if you select Japan your next luxury travel destination in 2016, get ready to experience plenty of new and unique things.


Peru is a favorite travel destination for many avid travelers for most exquisite and intricate weavings, sophisticated culture, the deep Amazon, the frozen Andean peaks and many more. The sights of the glorious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu are enough to attract a traveler to visit this wonderful country in South America. There are plenty of private guided luxury Peru tour operators who will take you to the highlights of Peru, which include Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, Arequipa, historic Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and most importantly the great Machu Picchu. You can expect to meet some fascinating locals, learn to prepare some traditional Peruvian cuisines, explore some wonderful museums and dine in historic homes. If you are energetic enough, you can explore some really impressive but not-so-known Inca sites, Spanish colonial era churches and Andean villages. There are plenty of luxury accommodations around the most popular tourist attractions in Peru. So, you can expect to have all the amenities and enjoy the best of this great South American country.

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