3 Awesome Co-Working Places For The Mobile Executive


After spending the first decade of your professional career in a proper office, you have achieved the dream outlined in Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Work Week by becoming a remote employee, or perhaps you’ve taken the plunge and have become an entrepreneur. Either way, you have moved from that sterile, staid environment into what many would consider a more enjoyable one, working from cafes or at home with the pets/kids.

What you didn’t anticipate out of this was all the distractions that these places would cause, however pleasant they may be. At the end of the day, output is what pays the bills and/or grows your business, so you have eagerly been looking into co-working spaces since you heard about them recently.

Co-working combines the easy-going nature of a cafe or a homely environment, and combines it with other entrepreneurs, world class office equipment, and other amenities that will allow you to focus on your tasks without pushy coffee shop owners pestering you to buy more product, or your adorable kitten distracting you from important business. One of the greatest hallmarks of your new setup is that you get to travel throughout the world and experience new places … so long as you have a reliable wireless connection, it’s all good!

With this in mind, we have pulled together three remarkable co-working spaces in leading cities from around the globe where you can check in, get work done, connect with inspiring fellow businesspeople, and have fun in the process.

1) Hubud, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Having just recently opened in the past year in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali in Indonesia, Hubud has sought to tap a need that has long gone unfulfilled. Being a magnet for internet entrepreneurs in recent years due to its amazingly low cost of living and its highly favourable climate, Ubud and Bali in general has had one big Achilles heel in that time, with internet throughout the island being slow and often unreliable.

Hubud has used its relationship with the HUB network of co-working spaces across the world to procure the fastest and most stable internet by far on Bali, making this place a godsend to anyone who works from the web. With bamboo paneling, rice field views, regular presentations on various topics and networking events, it is an excellent place to get caught up on work if you have been stuck in slow wi-fi purgatory for a few days prior.

2) Urban Station, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If your wanderings have taken you to South America instead of Southeast Asia, you’ll likely be spending some time in Buenos Aires at some point, as it is unquestionably one of the continent’s finest cities. When the time comes to crank out some productivity though, the only place you need to go here is Urban Station. This space feels more like a coffee shop than an office, minus the rude baristas and filled with motivated entrepreneurs looking to urge each other on to greatness.

Along with fresh java and lively surroundings, Urban Station offers bikes for quick neighbourhood runs in their Palmero Soho location, and their office in San Telmo has a rec room and a deck suitable for BBQ and drinks once the bulk of your work has been been completed.

3) Secret Clubhouse, New York City, NY, USA

While New York City isn’t the cheapest place to do business, it stands nonetheless as one of the most preeminent centers for commerce in the world. Throw in the hustle, urbanity and the mix of cultures present here, and its no wonder why many stick it out here until they succeed.

If you are a remote worker looking to pursue this difficult but admirable route to the top, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people to have a chance. One such place where you can gather as a community as at the uber-hip Secret Clubhouse, situated in the happening neighbourhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Those looking to kill it in the media/tech industries will be good company, as the guys behind Tumblr founded this place, and a number of record labels use this facility to run a large portion of their operations. When the day’s work is finished, chill out in an environment of exposed brick, memorabilia that includes a signed poster by alt rock band The Pixies, and a kegerator that dispense suds as you network your way to important new business relationships.

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