Angkor Wat on your list for 2015? Stay at these luxury hotels…

If you have chosen Angkor Wat as one of the wonders of the world that you wish to experience in 2015, it is vital that you put extra effort into picking accommodation, as Cambodia is a place where luxury hotels can either be overpriced or deficient in standards compared to the first world. These hotels […]

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Reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall

Being two of the finer destinations in the United Kingdom, Devon and Cornwall have no shortage of reasons in their favor for those seeking to visit them in 2015. Below, the following infographic runs down the reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall that will make your time here truly worthwhile… Infographic was found here.

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Top Luxury Destinations in Eastern Europe

While the nations of Western Europe have plenty of delights that people of means can enjoy with abandon, Europe does not cease to exist east of Germany. The east has plenty of attractions for the luxury traveler, giving those willing to move beyond the well-known the opportunity to have a truly elevated experience without having […]

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3 Luxury Wilderness Resorts In Canada That Need To Be Seen To Be Believed

Being a nation defined by empty but drop dead gorgeous natural spaces, Canada’s main attractions will require you to leave the city to experience them properly. The following luxury wilderness resorts in Canada will give you the experience you crave from America’s neighbor to the north. 1) Sonora Resort, Sonora Island, British Columbia Situated within […]

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Tranquility in Trancoso Brazil: Introducing Origem

  Those seeking one of the few remaining peaceful places in the Americas won’t disappointed by what they find at Origem in Trancoso Brazil. A luxury development that has been integrated seamlessly into this remote coastal town, guests that book a holiday here will quickly gain an affinity for its famous beaches and carefree lifestyle. […]

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Three Activities in Antigua For The Well-Capitalized Traveler

Winter has arrived for us northerners, and while some embrace the chill that comes with this season, even the hardiest of the lot pine for tropical warmth at some point. The blessing of being situated in North America or Western Europe is that the Caribbean is no more than a medium-haul flight away from your […]

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The Best Restaurants in Peru To Sample Peruvian Cuisine

While cuisine in much of the New World is still emerging compared to much older cultures worldwide, the food in the South American nation of Peru has begun to get noticed for the multitude of ingredients, flavors and dishes that it has to offer. While you easily sample Peruvian cuisine at any one of an […]

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Experience the Subcontinent in Style: Luxury Boltholes in India

While many travelers yearn to experience the mystical land of India at least once in the course of their lives, the less than stellar perception of the nation’s infrastructure may lead the more discerning among us to be hesitant about traveling there. While such concerns might have been warranted 20 years ago, the India of […]

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Points of Interest That Your Bhutan Tour Must Contain

Of all the nations in Asia, none have a cloak of mystique surrounding them quite like Bhutan. Having deliberately kept western influences to a minimum, emphasizing collective happiness as a national priority, and with cultural attractions and stunning mountain scenery binding it all together, there is no other place in the region like it. However, […]

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Enjoy a luxury city break in Paris this fall

With the crush of foreign tourists that typifies the summer travel season blessedly gone from the streets of Europe’s finest city, the time to truly experience this global urban gem is now. The warmth of summer still lingers during the day, without the overbearing humidity of July and August. The rains and chilly winds of […]

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